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Before You Close On Your Home

A home is one of the more expensive purchases someone can make. Make sure to have your home thoroughly inspected before you take possession. Give us a call at 404-213-4764 to have peace of mind.

Have You Had Your Deck Checked Lately?

When is the last time you had your deck checked for structural issues? Call today 404-213-4764 to have us come out and check over your deck or other structure.

Some of our Home Inspection Services Include

Buyers Inspection

A home inspection done for a buyer to help in making decisions about proceeding with the purchase of a home and prioritizing repairs.

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Sellers Inspection

A home inspection done for a home seller. Often used as a marketing tool and to prioritize repairs. A sellers inspection can often allow a seller to go to closing faster.

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Radon Testing

A 48 hour test for Radon Gas. Results are available immediately at the completion of the test.

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Roof & Deck Inspections

When only certain areas of a home are inspected for repair concerns or to check for proper repairs or installation. This can include your deck, roof and other specialized structures.

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Friends don't let friends buy a home without a home inspector.


Gregg's passion shows in his over 19 years of experience in the home inspector industry.


Gregg is certified and involved in the home inspector community to stay on top of what is happening in the industry.


Our goal is to provide you with a home inspection that provides you with all the information possible to make an informed decision regarding the home you are buying, selling, or own and want to properly maintain.

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