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Over 19 years experience in home inspections


Some of our services include:

  • BUYERS INSPECTION: A home inspection done for a buyer to help in making decisions about proceeding with the purchase of a home and prioritizing repairs.
  • SELLERS INSPECTION: A home inspection done for a home seller. Often used as a marketing tool and to prioritize repairs. A sellers inspection can often allow a seller to go to closing faster.
  • PHASE INSPECTIONS: Often done on new homes or when significant renovations or additions are performed. We will provide a second set of eyes to check the construction at specific points during the construction process.
  • ONE YEAR WARRANTY INSPECTIONS: An inspection done at about the 11th month of ownership of a new house to address possible builder warranty concerns and routine maintenance.
  • RADON TESTING: A 48 hour test for Radon Gas. Results are available immediately at the completion of the test.
  • ROOF, DECK OR OTHER SPECIALIZED INSPECTIONS: When only certain areas of a home are inspected for repair concerns or to check for proper repairs or installation.